From coupons and loyalty cards to e-commerce and geo-location, here's everything you get with Mob.Is.It


Build complete websites - in 10 minutes

This platform allows you to easily build complete websites - quickly. Using templates or starting from scratch, you will have astonishing sites with no effort and in a matter of minutes

Desktop adaptive - perfect on mobile

Build once, work everywhere. Our technology gives you pixel perfect websites that look great on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Seamlessly and without any specific effort from you.

Use your own domains - with SSL!

Freely personalize and brand all your websites with your own custom domain - and add a globally trusted SSL certificate to make your site even more reliable and valuable to users and search engines

Build native apps for iOS and Android

Easily and quickly transform your websites into native applications that you can distribute on the Android app store and the Apple App Store. And you can even send unlimited push notifications!

A full fledged e-commerce system - included

In each website you build you will have a full-fledged and complete e-commerce system: all you have to do is add products, enter your payment details - and start receiving orders and collecting money

Tons of beautiful ready-made templates

Creating beautiful websites is a breeze with our system: you can choose among dozens and dozens of ready made, astonishing templates that will allow you to be online immediately - with style

A flexible and modular approach

All websites are built using widgets - flexible and powerful components that you can use, re-use and clone to build the perfect combination for your needs, with minimum effort and maximum results

Users management - easy as 1-2-3

Managing logins, creating members-only areas and collecting users and leads is a very advanced feature - that we have made easy as 1-2-3 and included in our main websites builder platform

Effective lead generation tools

Generating leads is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons, entering your email and choosing a widget. That's all you will have to do to create an online lead-capturing machine - in a snap

Digital coupons - easy as a pie

Virtual coupons are a great tool for capturing new leads and growing sales. You will be able to create, manage and share all the digital coupons you want, easy for you and for your customers

Virtual loyalty cards - ready to be used

A great way to increase customer loyalty and grow revenues is offering virtual loaylty cards. Use this platform to create and manage all the loyalty cards you want - for you or for your customers

Scratchards - for fun and for business

Scratch'n'win games are awesome marketing tools to engage your visitors and increase your brand awareness while having moments of fun. Easily build all the scratchards you want with this platform!

A complete food ordering system

Bars, pizza places, fast foods and other restaurants greatly benefit from websites and native apps - especially if they have an integrated and complete food ordering system. And we certainly do.

Integrations with the most common tools

Working alone is never the best strategy. That's why the platform integrates perfectly with popular marketing tools like MailChimp, that you can use in combination of the leads collection forms

Additional Widgets/Features

Always adding more

Create an "add-to-homescreen" on your mobile site that allows users to easily add your site to their home screen, just like a native app.

Try and find another system that offers a food ordering system....only find it with us. From restaurants to burger places has what you need to succeed. 

Even build and sell websites for Realtors with our Real Estate widget. From listing homes to rentals our system can do it all. 

On your PC add video backgrounds. At this time mobile devices typically are not powerfull enough to have a video background. Choose a still image for your mobile devices. It is like building two websites at the same time. One for Mobile and one for PC's. WOW!!

From video background headers to a Parallax effect. With this widget you can even have two different backgrounds at the same time for Mobile and PC. Only we have this technology. 

Convert your websites into Native Apps that can be distributed in the App stores. Or downloaded and shared with clients/customers. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you have an app. Great upsell tool.

Capture your visitor's info with this Free Form widget. The system will also reply for you with the built in autoresponder. 

We currently integrate with Mailchimp. Others coming soon. But don't worry as we have an autoresponder built in to most plans.  Drip campaign feature in final beta stages and coming soon.

Add a map on any page of your mobile website and let your users find you quickly and easily. You have complete control if the map is seen on a mobile device, PC or both. Only we offer you this functionality. 

Add a geo-localized search to any list on your mobile website. Enables customers to locate your local store by just clicking the map on their phone and voila your phones GPS will direct them to the store.

All your call to action buttons. Unlimited use. Add anything from click to call to scroll to a section on a page. Lots of choices.

Create as many click-to-call buttons as you want and add them to all the pages of your mobile site for an immediate and effective way to be contacted by your visitors. You decide what is seen on each device.

Price widget gives you the ability to set prices for your products or services. Whether it be for one time charge or a subscription based transaction know you can do it all with Mob.Is.It

Great widget for adding your Social Media Redirect links. Add your links and with just a click of a button your customers can be sent to your Social Media Page. 

Use this widget "game" to keep visitors engaged in your site/page. Visitors use their finger or mouse to "scratch off" the outer layer to see if they have won a predetermined prize by you. Great way to get leads as well. 

Such a cool marketing feature you can offer your clients. Amazing way for clients to offer their customers incentives to come back. Offer coupons to loyal customers. 

List multiple items in several different styles. Example of this is this current page you are on now.

Another simple yet effective way for your visitors to contact you. Uses icons with redirect links to email, text, phone call and more. Very useful on mobile.

Simple widget to have your images slide across the screen or fade. You decide.

Use thumbnail images to showcase your products or services. 

Enables you to add content on any page in any section. Can add videos and images here as well for more customization.

Show multiple columns of text on your sites. Can adjust separately how text is displayed on mobile and PC.

A more advanced features which enables you to add script and code such as CSS to any page for yet even more customization. This also enables you to integrate with other companies features such as pop ups or Mailchimp.

Protect with a password any page of your mobile/desktop site and let only users that know the password access its contents. Great way for paid membership sites.

Build a simple yet very effective form for your restaurant or hotel website and collect reservations from mobile/desktop visitors.

Easily and quickly add dropdown menu navigation to your mobile/desktop website and mobile web app so your visitors can navigate your mobile pages even better.

Optimize your mobile/desktop website for SEO and be found by users and customers searching on Google and other search engines with their smartphones.

Give your customers a totally white-label, fully-brandable mobile website builder with your logo and your own custom look. Become your own marketing website agency. No one will ever know you are using Mob.Is.It technology. Our websites easily sell for $1,000 and up.

Coming soon are push notifications, messenger chat bot, twitter chat bot and many more products in different stages of production.